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Data Science Consulting

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Our Services

Our domain aptitude and development expertise allows us to fill the gaps between data and insight, ideas and results – translating your needs into solutions.

R Packages

Development of custom R packages along with documentation, version control and continuous integration.

Shiny Apps

Development and deployment of web application for interactive analysis using Shiny.


Development and deployment of interactive dashboard for monitoring key performance indicators.

Reporting Automation

Reporting automation leading to regular and up to date reports just with the click of a button.


Consulting for data science related projects and pipelines of all sizes and complexity.


Customized on site or remote training for your team on all things R, Shiny & Data Science.

Our Organization

We are a group of R enthusiasts coming from diverse background such as economics, finance, operations research and risk management giving us a unique blend of passion, pursuit of knowledge and more importantly a balance of computer science, mathematics and business know how. We also put significant efforts into contributing to open source libraries and have built custom packages and deployed web applications using R, Shiny and Shiny Server.

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About Images

R Packages

Rsquared Labs uses R for data science consulting. We have created a few packages which are being used in universities to teach statistics using R and in corporates for data analysis. We offer workshops on R package development.

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Shiny Apps

We have built a set of apps using the shiny package which allow beginner and intermediate R users to get going with data analysis, visualization and modeling even before they know how to use R. We offer bootcamps for teaching how to develop apps and dashboards.

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